Coral Bleaching

bleached coral in the ocean

What is Coral Bleaching & How Can We Stop It?

What Are Corals?

Close up of lilac coloured coral

What are corals, animal, plant or mineral?

Pattaya Travel Tips

The large sign for Pattaya City in the hillside near the ocean

Pattaya Travel Tips

Swim to Dive?

a clipart image of a diver and a swimmer

Do I Need to Know Swimming to Be Able to Dive?

Horseshoe Crabs


Some information about Horseshoe Crabs

Calculating Your Weights for Buoyancy

Scuba diver buoyancy levels

Calculating Weights for Buoyancy

Diving Computers

Different diving computers

Diving computers and how to choose one.

Moray Eels

A diver spotted this honeycomb moray eel

Some interesting facts about Moray Eels

How Diving Affects the Heart

A diagram of a man, showing his body without skin to reveal his muscles, leaning on a pilates ball

How Scuba Diving Affects Your Cardiovascular System

Copperband Butterflyfish

Copperband Butterflyfish seen while scuba diving around Pattaya

A pair of copperband butterflyfish in Pattaya