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Defogging Your Diving Mask

3 masks grouped together underwater with a fish swimming by

Defogging Your Diving Mask

Dive Gear Maintenance

an asian looking lady, smiling and holding blue dive fins and a diving mask over her shoulder

Dive Gear Maintenance

Calculating Your Weights for Buoyancy

Scuba diver buoyancy levels

Calculating Weights for Buoyancy

Diving Computers

Different diving computers

Diving computers and how to choose one.

Choosing Your Dive Fins

Mares Diving Fins, full pocket, yellow and black

When it comes to investing in your own pair of scuba fins, you have innumerable choices from many manufacturers who continue to advance the engineering they use to produce the most durable

What Equipment Do You Need to Scuba Dive?

a diver wearing full diving equipment, stood by a swimming pool holding his fins

What equipment do you need to buy to start scuba diving? The answer, quite honestly is none!

The History of Scuba Diving

close up of a shiny antique metal diving helmet









The History of Scuba Diving


Choosing A Dive Mask

A black scuba diving maks indicating the different parts of the mask









Choosing a Scuba Diving Mask