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Breast Implants and Diving

displaying 3 types of breast implants

Breast Implants and Diving

Can Anyone Go Scuba Diving

group of divers smiling, wearing wetsuits

Can Anyone Go Scuba Diving?

Divers and Nosebleeds

Diver pinching his nose through his dive mask

Divers and Nosebleeds

How Diving Affects the Heart

A diagram of a man, showing his body without skin to reveal his muscles, leaning on a pilates ball

How Scuba Diving Affects Your Cardiovascular System

Diving Tips - Conserving Air

A diver showing the out of air sign

Diving Tips - How to conserve your air to extend your bottom time.

Diving for The Physically Challenged

clipart image of guy in a wheelchair wearing a mask and snorkel

Diving for the physically challenged - is that possible?

Ear Problems for Divers

A diver pinching his nose, demonstrating equalisation of the ears underwater

Are you one of those divers who suffers a lot of equalisation problems?

Scuba Diving Health

a red heart shape with a prohitbited smoking sign inside it

Dive doctors and operators have long lowered their own risk by limiting yours when certain medical conditions enter the picture.

No Flying After Diving

a clipart drawing of a scuba diver, a suitcase and an airplane

Understanding the reasons you cannot fly after diving

Divers and Hydration

a man on a beach with clear blue skies, drinking bottled water

Keeping your body hydrated is not only about drinking plain water but also maintaining the essential salts too.