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Misconceptions About Diving

3 divers in the ocean, the text displays scuba diving myths

Some misconceptions about scuba diving

Scuba Diving vs. Free Diving

Female scuba diver wearing aqualung dive gear and diving in the ocean

Scuba Diving vs. Free Diving


Breast Implants and Diving

displaying 3 types of breast implants

Breast Implants and Diving

Can Anyone Go Scuba Diving

group of divers smiling, wearing wetsuits

Can Anyone Go Scuba Diving?

Pattaya Travel Tips

The large sign for Pattaya City in the hillside near the ocean

Pattaya Travel Tips

Swim to Dive?

a clipart image of a diver and a swimmer

Do I Need to Know Swimming to Be Able to Dive?

Diving for The Physically Challenged

clipart image of guy in a wheelchair wearing a mask and snorkel

Diving for the physically challenged - is that possible?

What Equipment Do You Need to Scuba Dive?

a diver wearing full diving equipment, stood by a swimming pool holding his fins

What equipment do you need to buy to start scuba diving? The answer, quite honestly is none!

Pattaya Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving in Pattaya


No Flying After Diving

a clipart drawing of a scuba diver, a suitcase and an airplane

Understanding the reasons you cannot fly after diving