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Starfish or Sea Stars

starfish or sea star on the sand in pattaya

Did you know that Starfish are not a fish?

Christmas Tree Worms

close up of christmas tree worms

Christmas Tree Worms

Coral Bleaching

bleached coral in the ocean

What is Coral Bleaching & How Can We Stop It?

What Are Corals?

Close up of lilac coloured coral

What are corals, animal, plant or mineral?

Horseshoe Crabs


Some information about Horseshoe Crabs

Moray Eels

A diver spotted this honeycomb moray eel

Some interesting facts about Moray Eels

Copperband Butterflyfish

Copperband Butterflyfish seen while scuba diving around Pattaya

A pair of copperband butterflyfish in Pattaya

Cuttlefish in Pattaya

A cuttlefish in Pattaya

A cuttlefish seen while diving at Koh Manwichai, Pattaya

Octopus in Pattaya

An octopus inside a shell at Koh Phai while diving in Pattaya

Octopus hiding inside a shell at Koh Phai, diving in Pattaya

Porcupine Fish - Diving in Pattaya

Porcupine Fish showing spines erected

Diving in Pattaya - Porcupine Fish