Marine Life in Pattaya

The resident turtle we saw while diving in Pattaya a Turtle at swimming at Koh Krok Large Scribbled Pufferfish in Pattaya Purple Anemone in Pattaya An octopus hiding in a shell in the ocean of pattaya A  seahorse in PattayaCopperbanded coral fish in Pattaya A boxfish looking towards the underwater photographer A pair of yellow striped coral fish in pattaya A dark orange seahorse with a sprinkling of sand on it 4 clownfish hovering above a sea anemone A crab in pattaya A pair of cuttlefish Mantis Shrimp with vibrant colours A blue spotted ribbon tail stingray on the sand A cone snail or marine gastropod molluscs A blacktip rock cod with its mouth open a green fimbriated moray eel with its mouth open Purple and deep red anemones on a coral in Pattaya A pair of batfish in Pattaya A porcupine fish, puffed up, big bright eyes A clownfish hiding in an anemone A large schoal of small yellow coral fish in pattaya