Orange Cup Coral - Diving in Pattaya

A good day for diving in Pattaya

Sunset on Apo

Our recent dive trip to The Philippines

Pattaya Far Island Ban -02 April 2017

Far Islands ban in Pattaya is causing a few issues...

(Original Source/Credit: Pattaya Mail Media Group)

Luxury Boat Charter -13 February 2017

Mabilia Luxury Boat Charter from Dive In Pattaya

                   Luxury private boat charter in Pattaya

Yacht for Hire in Pattaya -13 February 2017

private boat for rent

                           Private boat charter

Warming Up -08 February 2017

Pattaya weather

After a cold spell for the winter season things started to warm up!

An Almost Qualified Diver -20 December 2016

Customer Diving in Pattaya

An almost qualified diver, from India, who came diving with us in Pattaya...

Private Boat Hire -26 September 2016

Private Boat in Pattaya

Private boat for hire for touring the islands of Pattaya...

Jinxed by Jaws -27 August 2016

Our recent customer seems to be 'Jinxed by Jaws'...

Catamaran Cruise for the Thai Hapkido Competititors of 2016