PADI Rescue Diver Course

PADI Rescue Diver Course

Now that you have been diving a while and you are confident underwater, you may have already experienced some scenarios where you or your diving buddy were in an emergency situation. Although we practise safe diving and take many precautions, some accidents, even very minor, can still happen. This is the case both above and below the surface. In an ideal situation, you will always have someone with you who is professionally trained to deal with these situations. However, you may feel more at ease if you yourself know how to act, should a rescue scenario ever happen. The PADI Rescue Diver Course – a challenging, yet very rewarding diving course. 

This will build your confidence as a diver like as you will start to see things from the perspective of a professional diver. You will view situations and conditions differently to what you do now. The skills, which you will learn, will build your experience and confidence in how to handle an emergency and also prevent such an emergency ever occurring. You will learn about self-rescue and how to handle diver stress, first aid and general emergency skills. You will have lots of opportunity to practice your new skills during your training.

Pattaya is a great place for you to learn all diving courses. The reason for this is because the visibility is not absolutely crystal clear, which is perfect practise for searching for a missing diver. It is not always a good idea to learn diving courses and skills in tip-top conditions as it makes it too easy. 

The Rescue Diver Course is only open to those divers who have already completed their Advanced Open Water and who have a valid PADI recognised first aid certificate. You should also be a confident diver who is fit and healthy enough to cope with some strenuous activity such as tired diver tows. If you don't have a valid first aid certificate, you will need to take the Emergency First Response Course beforehand. Book both courses with us, together and save money. Contact us for more details.

2 guys in wetsuits assisting a female diver out of the water, showing a rescue situation