Snorkelling Sets

Snorkelling Sets for Sale in Pattaya

A selection of snorkelling sets for both kids and adults. Some sets are the mask and snorkel. Some have fins too. Check the description of each listing to ensure you choose the right snorkelling set for you.


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Aqualung Diva LX Diving Set

Aqualung Island Dry Snorkel with matching Diva LX Mask.
฿1,290.00 ฿1,100.00

Deep Blue Bora Snorkelling Set

Deep Blue Bora Snorkelling Set. Mask, fins and snorkel
฿2,115.00 ฿1,850.00

Full Face Snorkelling Mask

Full face mask for snorkelling
฿2,900.00 ฿2,400.00

Lanai and Paradise Dry Set

Aqualung Lanai and Paradise Dry Snorkelling Set
฿1,340.00 ฿1,100.00

Mares Coral Pirate Set

Mares Coral Pirate Junior Set. Lightweight, compact open heel fins, mask and snorkel.
฿1,950.00 ฿1,800.00

Mermaid Snorkeling Set

Mermaid Junior Set. Lightweight, novelty open heel fins, mask and snorkel.
฿1,900.00 ฿1,600.00