Scuba Diving In Pattaya

Dive in Pattaya Offers: Scuba Diving Trips, Scuba Diving Equipment Sales and Rentals, Catamaran 3 Island Tours, Snorkelling Trips as well as PADI Dive Courses – all available in Pattaya.

We have daily fun diving trips for qualified recreational divers, as well as PADI dive training courses for people who want to learn how to dive. If you are not quite ready to commit yourself to take a full diving course, we offer the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. This is a one-day introduction to diving in the ocean. For those who want to become a qualified diver, we offer the PADI Open Water Diver Course for complete beginners as well as other PADI Dive courses for divers who wish to continue their diver training and diving experience.

All prices quoted include the rental of a full set of diving equipment and lunch on the boat. We will also pick you up from your hotel accommodation in the Pattaya/Jomtien area and take you back after the dive trip.

For those divers who have families or friends in their group, we can offer you exclusive diving on a catamaran while your family relaxes on the boat. The catamaran offers a three-island tour, including visiting monkey island – a great day out, ideal for families. We are the only diving company in Pattaya that has exclusive rights to take people diving on this catamaran. The catamaran is a daily excursion but, due to popularity, it is wise to book in advance.

As a dive shop, we offer a wide range of diving and snorkelling equipment for sale. Additionally, a good selection of pre-owned scuba diving equipment can be bought for a great price. Check us out for your Dive In Pattaya needs. Alternatively, contact us with any questions related to scuba diving or snorkelling in Pattaya. We are always happy to help.

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From Discover Scuba to PADI Open Water

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Featured products

Aqua Lung Mix Combo

Aqua Lung Mix Combo set by Technisub - mask and snorkel for kids.
฿1,340.00 ฿1,100.00

Aqualung Diving Regulator Set

Aqualung Diving Regulator Set
฿22,050.00 ฿19,000.00

Aqualung i200 Dive Computer

Aqualung i200 Diving Computer
฿12,960.00 ฿11,500.00

Aqualung Wave BCD

The Aqualung Wave BCD
฿15,240.00 ฿13,900.00

Camouflage Dive Mask

Camouflage Dive mask with silicone skirt and 2 window lens, from Dive In Pattaya
฿1,200.00 ฿650.00

Deep Blue Bora Diving Mask

Deep Blue Bora Mask. Tempered glass scuba diving mask with silicone skirt.
฿710.00 ฿650.00

Mares Bag Cruise Dry D55

Mares Dive Bag - Cruise Dry D55
฿3,140.00 ฿2,990.00

Mares X-One Fins

Mares X-One snorkelling fins.
฿1,200.00 ฿850.00

Ocean Dynamics Dolphin Fins

Ocean Dynamics Dolphin Fins
฿925.00 ฿750.00

Professional Swimming Goggles

Professional Swimming Goggles
฿600.00 ฿375.00

Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD - women

Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD for women
฿34,945.00 ฿30,000.00

Scubapro Mesh Backpack

Scubapro Mesh Backpack. An 80 litre meshbag for your diving equipment.
฿2,190.00 ฿1,990.00

Scubapro T-One BCD

Scubapro T-One BCD, an all round great BCD
฿14,650.00 ฿12,650.00

Copozz Swimming Goggles

Copozz Swimming Goggles
฿800.00 ฿450.00

Manta Plus Snorkel

Semi-dry top snorkel
฿400.00 ฿350.00

Mask Style Swimming Goggles

Mask Style Swimming Goggles
฿750.00 ฿400.00

Speed 3 Jr Snorkelling Fins

Snorkelling fins.
฿690.00 ฿600.00

Aqualung Micromask

The Micromask from Aqualung is a revolution in scuba mask design.
฿3,290.00 ฿2,990.00

Aqualung Sphera LX Mask

Lightweight diving mask with 180 degree peripheral vision.
฿1,590.00 ฿1,400.00

Free Dive Mask

Lightweight diving mask with 180 degree peripheral vision.
฿1,100.00 ฿900.00

Free Diving Optical Mask

Lightweight, low profile, optical diving mask with 180 degree peripheral vision.
฿1,000.00 ฿600.00

Scubapro TruFit Dive Mask

Scubapro TruFit Synergy 2 Dive Mask
฿2,660.00 ฿2,200.00

Stealth Low Profile Dive Mask

Lightweight scuba diving or free diving mask with 180 degree peripheral vision.
฿1,190.00 ฿800.00