A Good Day Diving in Pattaya

07 May 2017

4 Discover Scuba Divers seated at the back of the boat, ready to get into the water

A Busy Day Diving in Pattaya

Last week we had a rather busy day for diving in Pattaya; from a qualified diver living in Bangkok, Thailand to a group of discover scuba divers from India. We picked up the group of beginner divers from their hotel in Pattaya.  Fabien, our qualified diver, made his own way to the pier. The boat left the Bali Hai Pier on time and we headed out to Koh Larn (Coral Island), one of the near islands in Pattaya. The diving customers had some snacks and hot tea on the boat while the dive masters prepared the diving equipment.

Steve gave a thorough explanation to the beginner divers. He showed them the diving equipment and discussed the safety procedures and how to get into the water. Fabien prepared his own equipment, which is always good practice.

The beginners were a little nervous as they were not very good swimmers and they had never been diving before. We, at Dive In Pattaya, are very aware of the anxiety that beginner divers have and we are very experienced in offering assurance and encouragement. Our goal is for our qualified divers to have as relaxed and fun day as possible and our beginner divers to be successful in their first ever scuba diving experience. We enjoy diving and we find it rewarding to introduce new divers to the wonders of the underwater world.

Fabien enjoyed his first dive, which was a coral dive at South Point, Koh Larn. There was a bit of current but that was not a problem. The beginner divers were all amazed at the feeling of weightlessness underwater. They were successful in completing the PADI Discover Scuba Diver Course with us at Dive In Pattaya. They couldn’t wait to get back into the water for a second dive. However, their surface interval was a nice relaxing one while the qualified divers went to dive the Khut Wreck.

The wreck was not a difficult dive, but there was some strong current and visibility was not that best it can be. However, Fabien enjoyed the dive. Steve likes to say "Every dive is a good dive." The next dive site was another of the near islands in Pattaya. This dive site was at Koh Krok. We helped the beginner diver group to kit up into their diving equipment. They were very pleased to notice more of the marine life that Pattaya diving has to offer. It is the usual case; people seem to notice more on their next dive because they are more comfortable and relaxed in the water.

One of the resident turtles was hiding under some coral. There were some colourful reef fish, orange cup corals as well as starfish. Despite doing 4 dives at 3 dive sites, we were back at the Bali Hai Pier for about 3pm. All in all it was a good day for diving in Pattaya.