About Us

Angie wearing an Aqualung Sphera mask, diving over black sand in Bali

Meet Angie, Steve's wife:

She shares her husband's love for diving but due to a medical issue, she was unable to dive for 3 years. However, she has made an excellent recovery and she managed to complete her Dive Master. She has since developed a passion for underwater photography, which only adds to the thrill of being underwater and watching the marine life. read more..

Olga diving in an aquarium

Meet Olga: 25 years old, dynamic and full of enthusiasm:

"I started working in Underwater World with Steve and Angie in May. I like this job very much. To dive with sharks, rays, turtles is very interesting, but also meeting people from all over the world." 

Steve wearing a pinacle wetsuit and diving in Phuket

Meet Steve, our PADI Dive Master Leader:

After 25 years as a professional tradesman in the UK, Steve wanted to try his hand at something new. He had always been interested in scuba diving and tried to attend some classes in the UK. He also did a try dive in Greece. Unfortunately, he never had the time to pursue his dream until coming to Pattaya, Thailand in 2003. His passion for scuba and his love for marine life inspired him to start his own scuba diving business venture. read more..