An Almost Qualified Diver

20 December 2016

a diver in pattaya, water is not too clear

"An Almost Qualified Diver"

We have been in the diving industry in Pattaya for many years now. We have experienced many kinds of situations. We have customers from all different countries come diving with us in Pattaya. A couple of years ago, our biggest market was people from Russia. However, this has shifted and we have seen an influx of tourists from China and Taiwan. There has always been a steady flow of customers coming from India and I think there always will be. Many Asians come to Thailand for several days and after spending a few days shopping in Bangkok, they come to seek the sand and sea of Pattaya and Jomtien. In our experience, most people from India cannot swim. They know very little about scuba diving and what to expect. However, with our patience and expertise, they are successful in trying scuba diving in the ocean. We were quite surprised to meet Harshad, a really nice guy from India. He told us that he had done several dives and he had started to do his PADI Open Water Diver Course. However, due to different circumstances, he never managed to finish the theory. We were skeptical as most Indians cannot swim at all, so it was hard to imagine this to be true. His wife, Darshika, had also done the pool training but never completed it. They both went diving with us recently and we were so surprised. Darshika was so happy she finally committed herself to diving in the sea and Harshad was a great diver. He was cool and relaxed underwater. He didn't use his air too quickly. He did some regulator skills and his buoyancy was pretty good. So, we would highly recommend that he completes his course to be fully qualified instead of an 'almost qualified diver.' We wish them both lots of diving adventures in the future!