Aqualung Bali 3mm Wetsuit

Aqualung Bali 3mm Wetsuit
Manufacturer: Aqualung
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Old price: $6,490.00

Aqualung Bali 3mm Wetsuit

The Bali 3mm wetsuit has many great features for a fantastic price. The blue and black colour with stylish graphics creates a bold statement. Super-stretch neoprene on shoulders, sleeves and armpits. Perfect for warmer climates and tropical waters.

  • Magnetic collar that replaces the usual hook flap.
  • Heavy duty #10 zipper.
  • Flatlock stitch for comfort.
  • Back zipper water shield.
  • Pre-bent anatomic legs and arms.
  • Embossed knee pad in Supratex.
  • O-ring seals to finish the sleeves and limit water ingress.

This 3mm diving wetsuit is available for men and women.

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