Aqualung Diving Regulator Set

Aqualung Diving Regulator Set
Manufacturer: Aqualung
Old price: $22,050.00

Aqualung Calypso Diving Regulator Set

The fifth generation of the popular Calypso diving regulator from Aqualung. This simple design, with an attractive price, makes it a popular choice for dive shop rental equipment as well as new divers. It is compact, lightweight and easy to service.

It offers a simple and fast connection of the MP hose but also the possibility of using it right or left hand - perfect for those left hand divers. Comes with Calypso Octopus: reliable, easy breathing octopus, complete with the traditional hose attachment.

Key Points:

  • Mid-size, high performance octopus to compliment the Titan and Calypso regulators
  • High visibility 39” yellow hose and high visibility yellow cover makes it easy to locate in an emergency
  • The venturi lever prevents unwanted freeflow when not in use
  • All new, easy purge front cover
  • Pressure gauge (Zero to 350 Bar)
  • Depth gauge with 2 instruments
  • Wide Angle, easy to read
  • A popular choice for dive shop rental

    First Stage :

    • In-line, high-flow piston design means fewer components, excellent reliability and easy maintenance
    • Large diameter of piston guarantees a more stable medium pressure output
    • The 6 large holes in the end cap results in easier cleaning as well as better thermal exchange, thus improving the freezing resistance
    • Features 1 HP port and 4 MP ports
    • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box

    Second stage :

    • No tool needed for dismantling
    • Usable left or right hand
    • Box bottom made with reinforced ABS with an inline venture vane

    Classic Version:

    • Offers a traditional hose attachment via a swivel nut.
    • The classic version is not reversible from right-handed to left-handed configuration.
    • The Classic version is the better choice for coldwater diving as it is more resistant to freezing than the Quick Connect version
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