Aqualung i200 Dive Computer

Aqualung i200 Diving Computer
Manufacturer: Aqualung

Aqualung i200 Dive Computer

A wrist-watch style diving computer that you can wear as a sports watch when you are not diving. The Aqualung i200 has 4 operating modes and allows you to switch between 2 Nitrox mixes. It also permits up to 100% O2 mixes without restriction. It comes complete with a handy tool that opens the battery compartment, which allows the user to replace the battery without the need of sending the computer to their local dive center or Aqualung store. This is an excellent feature as we all know how frustrating it can be to be out diving from a liveaboard and then your battery dies on you, halfway through your trip! 

The history mode records your last 24 dives and with the push of a single button, you can acces your maximum depth and bottom time of your last dive. This is great for instantly filling out logbooks and sharind the dive information with your buddy. 


  • Digital instruction manual
  • Safety reference info
  • Diver log brochure
  • Quick reference card
  • Lens protector
  • Battery compartment opening tool
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