Aqualung Proflex Snorkelling Fins

Aqualung Proflex snorkelling fins. Comfortable and adjustable
Manufacturer: Aqualung
Old price: $1,240.00

AquaLung Proflex Adult Snorkelling Fins

Move through the water with grace and speed using the Aqua Lung Proflex fins. These fins are perfect for snorkelling of all skill levels and feature adjustable straps to create the perfect fit. Reduce strain and minimize effort with a dual composite, vented blade design. Engineered to increase power and efficiency, the Proflex Fins will help you cover more area while expending less energy.

  • Contemporary designed, dual-composite fin for excellent power and styling.
  • Adjustable foot strap for perfect fit.
  • Long blade with dual-composite fin rails for enhanced snap and thrust.
  • Super-soft and comfortable foot pocket translucent clear blade with black foot pocket.

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