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Christmas Tree Worms

close up of christmas tree worms

Christmas Tree Worms

Responsible Scuba Diving

4 divers at the surface of the water

Responsible Scuba Diving

The Effect of Sunscreen on Corals

A woman showing her bare shoulder with sunscreen blobs in the shape of a sun

The Effect of Sunscreen on Corals

Coral Bleaching

bleached coral in the ocean

What is Coral Bleaching & How Can We Stop It?

What Are Corals?

Close up of lilac coloured coral

What are corals, animal, plant or mineral?

Octopus in Pattaya

An octopus inside a shell at Koh Phai while diving in Pattaya

Octopus hiding inside a shell at Koh Phai, diving in Pattaya

Porcupine Fish - Diving in Pattaya

Porcupine Fish showing spines erected

Diving in Pattaya - Porcupine Fish

The Leopard Shark

Leopard Shark on the sand in the ocean

The Leopard Shark is small and pretty much harmless to humans. 

Black Tip Reef Sharks

Black Tip Reef Shark

The Black-tip Reef Shark is named for the easily recognizable black tips on its dorsal and caudal fins.

The Tawny Nurse Shark

the front view of a tawny nurse shark in an aquarium

The most remarkable feature of the tawny nurse shark is probably its curious ability to change colour between grey and sandy brown depending on the colour of its surroundings.