Catamaran Pics

Catamaran cruising in PattayaLots of tourists on a white catamaran in the ocean A big BBQ at the back of a catamaran, guy cooking meat on it Calm sea with overcast sky and island People relaxing on catamaran trampoline while viewing crystal blue sea by the islandCalm water with view of the front of catamaran from helm Bar area and seats of catamaranSandy beach close to island with macaque monkeys on the beachMother macaque monkey with baby suckling teat Plates of food spread on a wooden table with tureens of Thai food Yachts lined up in a marina with calm blue sea Beach at the waters edge with a small boat and lots of macaque monkeys running around on the sand Small speedboat travelling on the sea with people in it People swimming close to the catamaran in clear blue water A man in a shorty wetsuit diving into the sea from the catamaran trampoline