Dive Masks

Masks for Sales from Dive In Pattaya

We have a full range of dive masks suitable to fit all faces. We have stock available from Mares, Deep Blue, Scubapro, Ocean Dynamics, Seac Sub, Aqualung, Saekodive and Sub Gear.

There are various colours and styles. We have two window, wide vision, silicone and PVC.

*Overseas shipping available - please contact us for rates*

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Aqualung Kea Diving Mask

Aqualung Kea scuba diving mask with silicone skirt. Suitable for snorkelling activities too.
฿1,300.00 ฿500.00

Aqualung Micromask

The Micromask from Aqualung is a revolution in scuba mask design.
฿3,290.00 ฿2,990.00

Aqualung Sphera LX Mask

Lightweight diving mask with 180 degree peripheral vision.
฿1,740.00 ฿1,500.00

Bali Frameless Dive Mask

Frameless dive mask with silicone skirt.
฿940.00 ฿850.00

Deep Blue Bora Diving Mask

Deep Blue Bora Dive Mask. Tempered glass scuba diving mask with silicone skirt.
฿710.00 ฿650.00

Fiji PVC Mask

PVC kid's mask especially for junior divers and snorkellers
฿430.00 ฿400.00