Diver's Luggage

08 December 2015

Among major airlines, the typical limits for checked bags are 50 pounds and 62 linear inches (length + width + height). For onboard baggage, the most common size restriction is 22-by-14-by-9 inches. (Many airlines don’t state maximum carry-on weight, so presumably if you can lift it, you can take it.) But once you get outside major airlines and traffic routes — especially on regional and smaller aircraft — the rules can vary a lot, so confirming your airline’s baggage rules is one of  the best ways to avoid gate-checking your sensitive gear or coughing up a hefty fee for your weighty bag.

Dive Bag Travel Tips:

  • Keep all the smelly things seperate - Take jumbo freezer bags to pack gear that’s still damp.
  • Keep your zipper working - Be sure to rinse any salt or sand out of your bag’s zippers.
  • Recommended Size for Checked Bags - 50lb. or 62 linear inches.

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