Hapkido Group Takes the Catamaran Cruise

14 August 2016

 Cruise for the Hapkido Competitors 2016

We recently welcomed onboard a group of competitors from the Thai Hapkido competition 2016. They made the booking for the catamaran cruise well in advance and were all ready for some fun and relaxation after a longhaul flight. Some had come from Brazil but most of the group were from the USA. We set sail at 09:30 and headed off to Koh Phai. When we stopped, they couldn't wait to dive into the sea to cool off. After some snorkelling around the bay, we lifted the anchor and headed off to Koh Rin. Some of the group had a nap along the way, while others sat along the front edge of the boat, watching the waves.

All the group were well-tanned when we arrived back at the ocean marina and everyone said they'd had a great time. We hope that there will be some winners in the competition that takes place today (14/8/16) in Jomtien.