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Hot Sale Diving and Swimming/Snorkelling Items

Here, you will find items that we are selling off at a discounted price. Perhaps the products are old stock or items we have bought bulk at a special rate. There maybe discontinued items. We have a range of both scuba diving and snorkelling products for sale at a very good price.

If you are looking for an extra special deal, then you can check out our pre-owned section. There are a number of second-hand items that are still in very good condition. 


*Shipping rates are for Thailand only. Overseas shipping is available - please contact us for rates*

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Adult Swimming Goggles

Adult Swimming Goggles with Mirrored Lens
฿290.00 ฿225.00

Aqualung Dive Knife - SH

Aqualung heavy duty dive knife

Aqualung Flexar Travel Snorkelling Fins

Aqualung Flexar Travel Fins. Strong, comfortable and adjustable
฿1,700.00 ฿1,200.00

Aquanox Ease Goggles

Aquanox Swimming Goggles
฿250.00 ฿200.00

Aquanox Go

Junior Swimming Goggles
฿250.00 ฿200.00

Awa Shima Fighting Belt

Awa Shima Fighting Belt for fishing