International Clean Up - Beach and Ocean

30 August 2017

(Photo Credit: Ferdi Rizkiyanto)

International Clean Up Day

The amount of plastic and other garbage items that litter the ocean is astonishing. We use plastic every day and they often wreck havoc on the environment. Cigarette butts, cans, bottles and polystyrene packaging litter the beaches and get washed into the sea. You may think that switching to biodegradable bags sounds environmentally friendly. However, they require a lot of energy to make, they don't degrade in landfills and may leave toxic leftovers.

An event is held annually to help tackle the growing problem of trash accumulating in the ocean. The third week of September is International Clean Up Day. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world go hunting the oceans, beaches and rivers for trash. For over three decades, more than 12 million volunteers have collected over 220 million pounds of trash (source:

Why don’t you join us in Pattaya for an ocean clean up day on Saturday 16th September? We will do our normal daily dive trip, except with a difference. We will be helping the environment by doing our best to collect as much rubbish from the ocean floor as we can. So, if you enjoy diving and want to help clean up the ocean, then contact us for special rates for that day only!

Remember, the next time you have a picnic by the river or a family day on the beach, take your trash away with you so it doesn’t get washed up into the ocean.

Just because you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.