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Mares Raptor Fins

Mares Raptor Second-hand diving fins.
Производитель: Mares

MARES Raptor SCUBA Diving Fins

Great quality second-hand fins available from Dive In Pattaya

The Mares Raptor Fin has an advanced design and combination of materials to create the highest performance Split Fin in its class. The Raptor's design including the Whale Tail foot pocket for maximum energy transfer, delivers the maximum thrust and efficiency in the Split Fin category. Ergonomically designed foot pocket delivers maximum power and evenly distributes pressure over the foot to minimize fatigue. Interior, features internal ribbing that improves fit, eliminates foot suction, and prevents foot pocket flexing; this transmits more power to the blade.

Commonly used for recreation, SCUBA diving, Snorkelling, Travel among many others, it is mostly used by customers who consider themselves to be an advanced diver.

The Mares Raptor Open Heel Fins are popular because customers like the quality they get from Mares products. The Mares Raptor Open Heel Fins: Accommodate Boots





These fins are SECOND-HAND. In EXCELLENT condition. We have ONE PAIR only - SIZE SMALL.

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