Marine Life in Pattaya

the resident turtle diving at koh krokchristmas tree wormsa Turtle at swimming at Koh KrokLarge Scribbled Pufferfish in PattayaPurple Anemone in PattayaAn octopus hiding in a shell in the ocean of pattayaA  seahorse in PattayaCopperbanded coral fish in PattayaA boxfish looking towards the underwater photographerA pair of yellow striped coral fish in pattayaA dark orange seahorse with a sprinkling of sand on it4 clownfish hovering above a sea anemoneA crab in pattayaA pair of cuttlefishMantis Shrimp with vibrant coloursA blue spotted ribbon tail stingray on the sandA cone snail or marine gastropod molluscsthe khram shipwrecka green fimbriated moray eel with its mouth openPurple and deep red anemones on a coral in PattayaA pair of batfish in PattayaA porcupine fish, puffed up, big bright eyesA clownfish hiding in an anemoneA turtle in pattaya oceanA large schoal of small yellow coral fish in pattaya