Rubbish Collected from Bang Saray Beach

02 July 2017

Rubbish collected from Na-Jomtien/Bang Saray Beach.

Today, Sunday 2nd July, we decided to take a stroll along the beach at Na-Jomtien/Bang Saray. It is currently low season and we didn't have any customers for scuba diving. It has been a while since we had some free time to walk along the beach here in Pattaya. We didn't walk far before we saw rubbish that had either dropped onto the beach or been washed up on the shore. As we had gone with the intention of a leisurely stroll, we didn't take along any plastic bags or any other bags to carry the rubbish. However, it was no long before we spotted some plastic bags lying on the sand.

We managed to collect two large plastic bags full. There were plastic bottles, broken pieces of glass, drinking straws, metal bottle tops and juice cartons as well as polystyrene food packaging. Just a few meters from where we had parked the car, there was a commercial sized rubbish bin, in which we disposed of the rubbish without any trouble.

It is such a sad state of affairs when people just do not think for a second before they discard their rubbish wherever they see fit. We really wish that people would see the ocean and the beaches from a different perspective. We only have one earth and the ocean is becoming more and more vulnerable as time passes.

We have seen lots of photos and video footage on the internet, showing the damaged done to marine life from the trash that is thrown into the sea. Please stop to think about the world that we live in... it belongs to each and everyone of us and we are all responsible for its upkeep.