PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course

Are you one of those divers who just can’t seem to get the right balance underwater? Perhaps you find yourself sinking to quickly and then floating to the top too much. Or, maybe you are bumping into the coral or kicking up silt in the water. If this fits you, then the Peak Performance Buoyancy Course is the one for you.

Some divers have simply not had enough practice, or perhaps missed the buoyancy concept while they were doing their Open Water Course. There are a lot of divers who are able to take to the water like a fish and do not need to take an additional course, but some divers benefit greatly from extra training in particular areas. This specialty course will help those divers to learn and practice the techniques of controlling buoyancy.

One of the tips to pave the way to your buoyancy control is being properlt weighted. If you are even slightly underweighted, you will find yourself fighting to stay at depth, especially at the end of the dive when your tank is emptier than the beginning of the dive. It is quite difficult to maintain your 5-metre depth to do a safety stop if you are having difficulty in keeping neutrally buoyant.

It is the same for being over weighted. Of course, you can add air to your BCD, but that is creating unnecessary drag and you will your air supply quicker, therefore getting a shorter bottom time.

Controlling your buoyancy is a skill that you can only learn through training, understanding and practice. You will learn how to weight yourself properly and efficiently as well as how to conserve air while moving streamlined. You will practise hovering in a horizontal or vertical position.

Once you have mastered your buoyancy control, you will be able to enjoy your diving much more. You will be more relaxed in the water and extend your bottom time without finning to hard, popping up to the surface too quickly or bumping into corals.


Clear blue sea with a diver demonstrating a hover, text shows PADI logo and peak performance buoyancy course