PADI Search and Recovery Course

PADI Search and Recovery Course

We, as humans, are unique, but we are still simply human and very capable of making mistakes. That includes losing things. It is quite common for us to lose every day items, such as phones, keys, jewellery and money. It is the same underwater.

Some divers have lost their cameras, computers, compasses and dive lights. It can be quite frustrating to realise that you have lost something underwater and not be able to find it. In the PADI Search and Recovery Course, we teach you how to effectively search for objects. While there are no guarantees of finding your lost items, you stand a much better chance of locating them if you know exactly what you are doing. As a Search and Recovery Specialty Diver, you’ll know how to search for your lost items, or even someone else's, and recover them.

During this specialty course, you will learn how to gather information and plan your search with care. You will practise using search patterns with your compass and natural navigation. What’s more is that you may be able to use the first dive of this course as credit towards your PADI Advanced Open Water Course. The course takes two days to complete. You will start with a session of knowledge development and skills practice to prepare you for the dives of the day. If you are already a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, and you took the Search and Recovery as part of your course, then this can be used as part of your Specialty Course.

Prerequisites: To take this course, you must be minimum 12 years old and hold the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certificate with the PADI Underwater Navigator certificate (or equivalent).

Enrol in the PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Course and have lots of fun as well as learning practical knowledge.


diver shining a light near coral and the padi search and recovery manual