PADI Wreck Specialty Course

PADI Wreck Diver Course in Pattaya

Enrol in the PADI wreck diver specialty course with Dive In Pattaya and you will get an introduction to deep sea wreck diving. You will develop the skills and knowledge that is necessary for safe and fun wreck diving, while exploring the marine life that dwell on the wrecks.

You will learn about the problems and hazards of wreck diving, low visibility diving techniques, emergency procedures and how to deal with these issues. Learn the proper use of equipment, such as torches, penetration reels and lines. 

Wreck diving is recreational diving where the wreckage of ships, aircraft and other artificial structures are explored. Although most wreck dive sites are at shipwrecks, there is an increasing trend to sink retired ships to create artificial reef sites. Diving to a crashed aircraft can also be considered wreck diving. The recreation of wreck diving makes no distinction as to how the vessel ended up on the bottom. Some wreck diving involves penetration of the wreckage, making a direct ascent to the surface impossible for a part of the dive.

Wrecks may present a variety of site-specific hazards to divers, such as fishing lines and nets, which affect the structure of wrecks and they may break without any warning. Penetration diving, where the diver goes inside the shipwreck, this activity exposes the diver to risks of getting lost, entangled and consequently running out of breathing gas. Management of these risks requires special skills and equipment.Many attractive or well-preserved wrecks are in deeper water requiring deep diving precautions. Diving schools recommend that at least one cutting device be carried in case the diver is entangled with fishing lines, nets or ropes and to have a spare light source in case the primary light fails. If penetrating a wreck, sometimes a wreck reel can be tied off before entering the wreck. This acts as a guideline to help a diver to find the exit more easily in the case of low visibility. Due to the potential fragility of the wreck, the possibility of disturbing sediments or upsetting the many marine animals that take advantage of the environment offered by the wreck, extra care is required when moving and finning. Good buoyancy control is also a necessity for safe and non-destructive diving in the environment of a wreck.

If you would like information on the different wrecks that Pattaya has to offer, you can see the details here.


You must be a fully qualified PADI Advanced Diver or equivalent. 

You must be minimum 15 years old.

A male diver on a shipwreck