Catamaran Diving


Diving from the catamaran is a little more luxurious than diving from the standard dive boat. This is because the catamaran is set up to be a package tour for visiting 3 islands; so most of the people onboard are only taking the catamaran cruise to visit the islands. There would be nobody else diving from this boat - only you and the dive guide. The catamaran is more comfortable than the dive boats, which makes it more appealing if you would like to bring your non-diving family or friends along for the trip. Perhaps you enjoy scuba diving but your partner or kids just want to come along for a fun day out, well this is the perfect opportunity for just that! They can go to the beach, enjoy some swimming, try their hand at fishing or simply relax on the boat and catch the sun, while you head off down under to do your dive and log some bottom time.

Please note: All the details of the catamaran dive trip are the same as the catamaran cruise, except you will enjoy two dives at the first two islands stops. Remember, this is not a diving boat so it does not have a compressor, tanks or weights onboard. We must prepare all the necessary diving equipment the day before and take it to the catamaran. It is imperative that you book your diving in advance and we are limited to the number of divers on the catamaran.


The luxury catamaran in the ocean of Pattaya  A scuba diver making his giant stride from the back of the catamaran  Scuba divers coming back to the steps for the catamaran