Fun Diving

Fun Diving in Pattaya for Qualified Divers

We have daily fun diving trips in Pattaya, for those of you who have your scuba diving license already. There are several dive sites around Pattaya and the standard trip is 2 dives per day, unless a wreck dive is on the schedule, in which case you can take an optional extra dive at a reasonable additional cost. Please note that the wreck dive is for advanced diver level only, this is because of the depth of the wrecks in Pattaya. If you would like to know what wreck diving options we have available here in Pattaya, you can check out the information here.

There is no shore diving in Pattaya, we only have dive trips from a boat which takes us to various dive sites around the islands of Pattaya. All the scuba tanks are aluminium and are stored on the boat, along with the weights and weightbelts. The tanks are are DIN valve, but we have adaptors if you should wish to use your own regulator. If you have your own diving regulator and you need to borrow an adaptor, then please be sure to mention this when you book your diving trip with us.

We have a range of shorty 3mm wetsuits to fit all sizes. We have mostly Scubapro regulator sets, but we do have a couple of Aqualung as well as a Mares regulator set. We have a range of diving BCDs from XXS to XL. They are Seac and Scubapro with a couple of Aqualung too. Our rental scuba equipment is well maintained and cleaned in fresh water after every use.

Please understand that we make every effort to get to the best dive sites on the day, weather conditions and other factors may change the itinerary. If a wreck dive is planned, then we try to do this dive first, as it is always better to dive your deepest dive at the beginning of the day, with the shallowest at the end. However, sometimes the tide changes affect the time of day that we can dive the wreck. For example, it may be much better to do the wreck dive just before lunch if the currents are slacker at that time. Rest assured, we will endeavor to give you the best option available for your day's diving.


Fun diving for qualified divers  Map of the dive sites and the islands of Pattaya A qualified diver taking underwater pictures while diving in Pattaya