Pattaya Wreck Diving

Shipwreck Diving in Pattaya

The Khram Wreck

HTMS Khram wreck was prepared by the Thai Navy and sunk 30th January in 2003, just off Koh Phai, Pattaya.

The deepest point of this wreck dive is about 30 meters, so you need to be an advanced level diver to go diving on this wreck, unless you are taking a course. The visibility is 2-15m, but it averages around 3 to 8 meters.

There are schools of Barracuda, Batfish and Yellow Jacks. There are also Scorpion Fish, which are hidden in the coral growth so care is needed as to where you are putting your hands. The Khram wreck offers very easy penetrations to fairly advanced wreck penetrations. This is a great dive for improving your wreck diving skills. There are many things to discover inside the wreck as there are instrument gauges, lockers, desks, toilets and showers, an infirmary, mess room, boilers and store rooms.

This ship has been well prepared by the Thai Navy as a dive site, and is free from armaments, oil and most hazards to divers. Large holes have been cut in many areas and penetration dives through the ships passageways rarely takes the diver out of the natural light. This is a fantastic wreck dive and is the most popular wreck dive in Pattaya.


The Khut Wreck

The closest wreck to Pattaya is the HTMS Kut, which is just North of Koh Sak.

The Khut (or sometimes spelt Khood) was originally a World War II United States landing craft. It was decommissioned in July 1946. After being transferred to Thailand and used for spare parts by the Thai Royal Navy, the Khut was sunk on 17 September 2006, off the coast of Pattaya. She is now dived by recreational divers coming to Pattaya for scuba diving.

The deepest point of this wreck dive is approximately 31 meters at high tide, 22-25 meters on the upper and lower decks. To be able to dive this wreck, you need to be minimum Advanced Diver level due to the depth.

The shipwreck has had most of its hazards removed. There have been large holes cut to allow for penetration diving. It is possible to swim through the engine rooms, which are wide and spacious. This is a fantastic wreck for doing a wreck speciality course, or perhaps your ‘wreck diver’ from the Advanced Open Water Course. Common marine life that you can see includes Scorpion Fish, Rays, Barracuda and Batfish.


The Mataphon Wreck

HTMS Mataphon was sunk on 20th October 2012 by The Royal Thai Navy. She is situated just 45 minutess from Pattaya, close to Hadt Nuan, south of Koh Larn. The deepest point of this wreck dive is about 23 meters. You should be a reasonably experienced diver to be able to dive on this shipwreck.

Of course, like the other wrecks in Pattaya, the Royal Thai Navy prepared the vessel to remove all hazards for divers. The gunning mounts were left in place although the arms were removed. This is a nice wreck dive with some Nudibranchs, Grouper and Blues Spot Rays.

Wreck Diving, part of the shipwreck with lots of small fish swimming around

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