Scubapro Go Fins

Scubapro Go fins, excellent, robust fins for snorkelling or diving.
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Scubapro Go Travel Fins

The Scubapro Go Travel Fins are a light weight pair of travel fins made from a tough monoprene® with all the benefits of an open heel fin with the comfort and freedom of a full foot fin. The adjustable bungee heel strap fits a great range of sizes whilst making it easy to put on and take off.


Designed for travel the Go Fins weigh 1.5kg for a pair and they are small enough to easily fit in IATA carry-on luggage so you can really pack light. Ready to go at a moments notice the Go fins can fit in most small bags but still have the power and efficiency of larger fins.


They are 100% Monoprene without joints or hinges, which makes them very tough and durable. The monoprene is soft enough in the foot pocket are to wear them without socks, just bare foot.

There are bars underneath the blade prevent the blade too much flexing.  A central power panel provides longitudinal rigidity and channels water to the tip of the fin propelling you through the water.

Lightweight: When it comes to premium travel fins, nothing compares to the GO when integrating high quality with light weight. For example, a pair of size M-L GO fins weighs in at a mere 1.2 kg/2.6 lbs, including bungee straps, again, that's for a pair. This translates into convenience and weight savings on the road, and comfort and ease of use in the water.


Size XL weighs 1.52 kg a pair including bungees

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